Shari Stenberg
Professor of English, Director of Women's and Gender Studies Department of English

Dr. Shari Stenberg, Professor of English (Rhetoric and Composition) and Women’s and Gender Studies, focuses her research and teaching on women’s and feminist rhetorics, with particular attention to how feminist rhetorical approaches challenge and change normative modes of persuasion, argument, and meaning making. She is the co-editor of Persuasive Acts: Women’s Rhetorics in the Twenty-first Century (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020), an anthology that gathers and analyzes timely and provocative rhetorics representing critical issues and rhetorical affordances of the twenty-first century. Rhetors in the anthology make use of technologies that extend the availability and reach of rhetoric; address new political and civic issues of concern to women; and explore changing conceptions of gender. 

Dr. Stenberg is also the author of three books, including Composition Studies Through a Feminist Lens and Repurposing Composition: Feminist Interventions for a Neoliberal Age, as well as numerous articles and chapters. Her article “‘Tweet Me Your First Assaults’: Writing Shame and the Rhetorical Work of #NotOkay” was selected for inclusion in the 2019 edition of Best of the Journals in Rhetoric and Composition.