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Get Involved

Students in the Department of Communication Studies have many opportunities to get involved, connect, and hone their skills.

Student advisory board

Communication Studies Undergraduate Student Advisory Board

The board is a great opportunity to get involved in the Department of Communication Studies, connect with faculty, graduate students, other majors and minors, as well as campus partners. As a member of the board, you will represent the student voice in the department. CSUGSAB helps you get the most out of your degree, providing members with meaningful experiences for growth and opportunities to translate what you are learning in the classroom to the broader community.

If you want to get involved, email Dr. Kathy Castle at To stay up to date with the board, follow the department on Instagram @unlcommdept.

Speech and Debate

The speech and debate team is a wonderful opportunity for any full-time undergraduate student. The team has placed among top twenty teams nationally for the past sixteen years in a row.

Speech and debate team

Undergraduate Research

Whereas majors will get first-hand experience conducting independent research in the Communication Studies Capstone course (COMM 495), students also have the opportunity to work directly with faculty on the ongoing research projects in the department.

Assisting with research allows students to refine analytical skill sets, become familiar with various research methodologies, enhance writing and critical thinking skills, and make significant contributions to academic literature.

Serving as a research assistant is a great way to prepare for graduate school. Undergraduate students can earn course credit serving as a research assistant through COMM 397.

Research assistant opportunities are limited and are generally secured at the invitation of a faculty member who sees a good fit between a current undergraduate student who has demonstrated excellence in the classroom and an ongoing research project.

While these opportunities are offered by invitation, if you are interested in learning more about this option, please contact our Director of Undergraduate Education, Dr. Kathy Castle or you can contact a faculty member with whom you’d like to work directly.