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The Department of Communication Studies

Studying communication will take you where you want to go—it is at the heart of identity and culture.

Learn how to advocate, negotiate, and relate, and gain communication strategies from our three initiatives: civic engagement, health and well-being, and identity and difference.

Gain experience while refining your craft through our vibrant Speech and Debate program and research activities with award-winning mentors. In our close-knit community, faculty and students thrive in collaboration.

Communication is the primary ability employers seek, so you will be well-positioned to work across industries and excel in careers that exist—and those that will.

Find your voice and articulate your vision at Nebraska.

Communicating to Connect in a Divided World

Explore initiatives such as the Intergroup Dialogue Project

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Let curiosity move you to the College of Arts and Sciences. With specialized programs of study to match any interest area, hands-on research experience, and a campus at the heart of an innovative college city community, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers the ideal Big Ten experience at an affordable cost.

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