Photo Credit: Rylan Korpi
by CAS MarComm Mon, 06/28/2021 - 15:38

Major: Global Studies
Minors: Mathematics, Psychology, Environmental Studies, and Communication Studies
Hometown: Maple Valley, Washington

Favorite book
I do not have a favorite book, but I recently read The Posthumous Memoirs of Bras Cubas and that was worth my time!

Favorite movie
Again, its hard for me to choose superlatives, but up there are Stand By Me, The Green Mile, & City of God.

Why Global Studies
It has been a long road to decide on my major, but I am happy where I ended up. I have always loved learning about anything and can see myself ending up anywhere. Despite this, I found a home in global studies. Its international and interdisciplinary focus allows me to learn and utilize information from a variety of fields with a mindset that encompasses the perspectives of those fields. It also made it possible to have minors in a few other areas of interest.

Relating to my major, some of the best classes I have taken are Intercultural Communication, Latin American Politics, Environmental Law, and my study abroad to Brazil. For other majors interested in the subject, your major may be able to count for a few of the minor requirements and it is only 18 credits in total. For new majors, try to combine your other passions or subject areas into your focus areas so you don't have to sacrifice as much when committing to a single major.

Extracurricular experiences
I started out freshmen year joining a vast array of clubs and organizations, including RHA, NRHH, Philosophy Club, and Water Polo among others. I did this to connect to others in a place I had no connections.

I also went on a study abroad during the summer following my freshman year, and that experience alone set the rest of my college experience up for me. Although you likely will not go to Salvador, Bahia, Brazil like I did, there are so many opportunities for every major to study abroad. Sometimes a step outside of your situation can clear things up a bit. Study abroad is also great for resumes and something you'll never regret.

Post-graduation plans
I am currently planning to either teach English under the Fulbright Program in Brazil, join the Peace Corps, or have a similar abroad experience. I will then look to a career internationally with the possibility of being a U.S. Foreign Service Officer.