Photo Credit: Student Spotlight Frannie Mace
Wed, 01/04/2023 - 14:03

Majors: Global studies, political science, and Latin American studies
Minors: Human rights and humanitarian affairs, Spanish, national security studies, communication studies, public policy certificate
Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Favorite book
The Road by Cormac McCarthy has a great and horrific dystopian story that alludes to the devastating effects of climate change and overconsumption in US societies. Although the story is disturbing at times, the relationship between the father and son protagonists is about teaching each other how to survive.

Favorite TV show
I really enjoyed watching "The Rehearsal" which is a fake docu-series allowing people to rehearse pivotal moments in their lives before they happen. It is just a very unique premise and I encourage anyone who likes deconstructing the intentions of others or analyzing communication patterns to watch it.

Why did you pick these majors?
I came to UNL specifically seeking a major in global studies after studying global politics and Spanish in high school. When we focus our studies specifically on one discipline, like political science or economics, we lose sight of how the world actually works because our framework for seeing the world is too narrow. I have enjoyed exploring themes of human rights, development, and immigration from the perspective of my many different majors and minors throughout my time at UNL and I feel as though I have a very well-rounded knowledge framework about how to approach resolving conflict within the issues that I have studied.

I've really enjoyed all of the classes I've had the opportunity to take on campus but some of the most interesting classes that I've taken have been GLST 350, "Refugees, Displaced Persons and Immigrants", LAMS 373, "Latin America and Global Relations", and POLS 235, "Public Policy Analysis". These classes have directed my passion toward immigration policy and learning more about the political systems that exist within societies that both help and hinder vulnerable populations.

A major in global studies allows a student who is academically very motivated to reach out to the community beyond academics. The requirement to complete a study abroad program or related internship, as well as the encouragement from all global studies faculty to pursue extracurricular interests, has motivated me to seek out amazing opportunities outside of classes.

Extra-curricular involvement
As an out-of-state student, my goal when I got to UNL was to get involved to better establish myself in Lincoln. I interned for Nebraska Appleseed which is a local non-profit working on legislation for equal rights (housing, immigration, child welfare, healthcare, etc.). Through this internship, I was exposed to other non-profits working in the area and had the opportunity to help pass policy, as well as educate others on the importance of being civically engaged.

During the summer of Covid, I assisted a non-profit in Oregon called Adelante Mujeres in transitioning their entrepreneurial class online so that they could continue to offer the class. This was a great application of my knowledge in business development from my gap year after high school, while also having the opportunity to practice my Spanish in a non-academic setting.

Throughout college, I was a College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador and have participated in the campus orchestra which is a great way for non-music majors to continue to play their instruments.

Finally, for the past few semesters, I have been working as an Introductory Astronomy Teaching Assistant helping with course development, grading, and assisting students with in-class activities.

I have a very wide range of interests and have chosen to do all of these experiences because I knew that they would all help me improve my skills in communication, leadership, and networking

Post-graduation plans
After graduation, I plan to take a gap year and go abroad, either teaching or working abroad, as I was unable to do so due to covid and my academic commitments in college. After that, I plan to return to the US and go to law school where I plan to assist clients with immigration proceedings and eventually become a foreign service officer.