Major in Communication Studies Find YOUR Voice

Do you wonder about...

  • how to argue and speak effectively?
  • how digital media is changing political communication?
  • how to help people cope with difficulty and loss?
  • how to organize people for change?
  • how families function?
  • how small groups solve problems?
  • how visual images function in today's world?
  • how global organizations work?
  • how to manage conflict and other relationship challenges?
  • how to become an effective leader?

Do you want a major that...

  • is the #1 skill sought by employers?
  • helps solve societal problems?
  • allows you to practice what we teach?
  • extends beyond the classroom?
  • emphasizes faculty-student collaboration?
  • is applicable to your life?

Do you want a rewarding career...

  • Advertising, marketing, public relations
  • Government, politics, law school
  • Nonprofit/advocacy
  • Social media coordinator
  • Human resources
  • Research
  • Entrepreneurship/small business
  • Management consultant
  • And many more
Emily Schlichting

My communication degree has been a critical component in helping me to advocate, negotiate, and relate. Crafting policy, whether on the Hill, in the Administration, or from a think tank requires the ability to convince others of the merit of your proposal (advocate), compromise to reach a realistic middle ground (negotiate), and do all of this while not alienating the people you're bargaining with (relate).

Emily Schlichting
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Class of 2012

Josh Buchmann

My major in communication taught me, above all things, how to adapt. I have been able to integrate many of the concepts I learned into my daily business to business communication, including face-saving, rapport-building, and negotiating new business. Communication Studies taught me to be a proactive communicator as opposed to a reactive communicator.

Josh Buchmann
Manager of Field Marketing,
RMH Franchise Corporation, Class of 2012

Justin Fujan

We all want to create change in this world. You cannot inspire others without, first, demonstrating the ability to relate to them. To have the opportunity to take courses dedicated to this fundamental component of success is invaluable.

Justin Fujan
Memory Care Specialist-Community Outreach,
Tabitha Elder Care, Class of 2007

Communications Studies and English major Xinyue Wang gave one of three senior reflections at the College of Arts & Sciences Celebration of Excellence in April 2018. She was an outstanding student scholar and pursued graduate studies at the University of Minnesota.

Communication Studies and Psychology major Samuel Baue gave one of three senior reflections at the College of Arts & Sciences Celebration of Excellence in April 2018. Sam was also a member of the Cornhusker Speech and Debate Team. He graduated with Highest Distinction and entered law school at Nebraska.

Take YOUR Place...

The 21st century is the Age of Communication. Whether face-to-face or digitally mediated, communication is at the heart of what we do in professional, public, and personal contexts.

Our major focuses on how communication helps people to better advocate, negotiate, and relate in different situations. We do this through classes in public advocacy, argument analysis, organizational communication, communicating across difference, negotiation and conflict management, interacting in family systems, and developing interpersonal communication competencies. Whereas debate and dialogue are often positioned as oppositional styles of discourse, we view these as complimentary areas of theory and practice. Through courses and other co-curricular activities in our department, we emphasize the importance of critical evaluation, argument, and the skills necessary for civil communication and constructive collaboration across difference.

A major in Communication Studies is as broad or as focused as you want to make it. We invite you to cater your major to YOUR interests while at the same time gaining a foundation in communication competencies relevant to your life as a professional, citizen, and family member.

The WORLD awaits—so let curiosity move you.