Graduate Application Materials

Applications for the fall semester are due January 15.

Preparation Suggestions

Research the Program

Spend time reviewing information about our faculty, department and the university. We recommend you pay attention to our scholarly areas, strategic initiatives (health and well-being, identity and difference, civic engagement), and faculty research as this will assist you in determining if our program fits with your scholarly goals. In addition to information on department and university websites, many members of our faculty have individual websites that provide more detailed information about their work.

Talk with Faculty

To learn more about a faculty's research interests, current scholarly activities, and recent work of doctoral advisees, you should feel free to communicate with individual faculty members. Contact our Director of Graduate Studies to set up a time to talk with specific members of our faculty.

Preparing your Statement of Purpose

All statements vary as applicants bring their own voice and character to the document. Make sure you include:

  • A discussion of your overall academic goals.
  • A review of your undergraduate and graduate experiences that prepare you for graduate work.
  • A clear articulation of your perspective on the potential intersections between our research endeavors and scholarly initiatives and your current research interests.

For the last point, it is not necessary to link your research interests with all faculty members. For instance, you may identify a specific faculty member's program of research or you may see a cluster of scholarly foci from different faculty that you believe will assist you in achieving your academic goals.

In your statement, we ask that you be very clear on what faculty member you would like to serve as your primary academic advisor. However, we are open to changes in this as students progress through the program.

Letters of Recommendation

We recommend letters of recommendation from faculty you have worked with you during your undergraduate and/or graduate studies. If applying for the doctoral program, it is important that some of your letters speak specifically to your research potential.

Writing Sample

Provide a writing sample that reflects your research and your writing (i.e., send samples in which you are the solo or first author).

Required Materials

  • Three Recommendation Letters
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Writing Sample
  • GRE
  • Transcripts
  • Demonstration of Teaching Effectiveness (if applicable)