Possible Pathways

A major in Communication Studies focuses on developing intellectual capacities to advocate, negotiate, and relate. These knowledge bases put you on the pathway to successfully navigating professional, personal, and public life. Taking possible-pathways-courses across these areas will develop the skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to understanding, analyzing, and creating messages across contexts.
Mouse over one of the professions below to illuminate a pathway through Communication Studies that will help you achieve your goals.

Possible Pathways
COMM 209: Public Speaking
COMM 210: Small Group Problem Solving
COMM 211: Intercultural Communication
Government/Political Career/Law School
COMM 212: Debate
COMM 215: Visual Communication
COMM 283: Interpersonal Communication
COMM 250: Rhetoric, Media, and Civic Life
COMM 286: Business & Professional Communication
COMM 354: Health Communication
Advertising/Marketing/Public Relations
COMM 312: Argumentation
COMM 271: Organizing Social Change
COMM 370: Family Communication
Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner
COMM 375: Theories of Persuasion
COMM 371: Conflict & Negotiation
COMM 380: Gender Communication
Social Media Coordinator
COMM 400: Rhetorical Theory
COMM 386: Organizational Communication
COMM 465: Communication & Social Identity
Management Consultant
COMM 430: Political Communication
COMM 355: Community and Identity in the Digital Age
COMM 470: Interpersonal Communication Theory
Research Analyst/Research Consultant
COMM 452: Media and Culture
COMM 487: Global Organizational Communication
COMM 471: The Dark Side of Interpersonal Communication
Human Resources