Why Major in Communication Studies?

Communication Studies is one the fastest growing disciplines in the country. At the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the Communication Studies major is dynamic and growing because more and more students realize the importance that effective communication has in their lives. Majoring or minoring in Communication Studies equips students with the intellectual capacities to successfully negotiate professional, private, and public life.

PROFESSIONALLY, our students are getting excellent jobs in a variety of career fields because employers recognize the value of hiring effective communicators who understand communication in diverse contexts. In fact, employers consistently cite communication as the most important knowledge and skills their employees need in the 21st century. Employers have found communication graduates to excel in qualities of reflective thinking, analysis, and organization of ideas -- skills necessary for executing and furthering your career.

PRIVATELY, our students benefit from an enhanced appreciation, understanding, and ability to enact the complexities of communication in personal relationships. Communication Studies students are exposed to theories and concepts that can enrich their personal lives in friendships, romantic partnerships, and families. Understanding the complexities of communication enables a degree of mindfulness and an expanded repertoire of communicative choices that students can bring to their private lives and other contexts.

PUBLICLY, our students become better equipped to participate in civic life by examining both the content and media of messages. Communication Studies students become more sophisticated participants in collective public life by engaging in the process of evaluating, criticizing, and producing discourse across both mass and networked media. Whether it is at a City Council meeting or over YouTube, our graduates are consistently better prepared to help society deliberate about the pressing issues of the day.

Learn more about Communication Studies: Check out the course description page to see what Communication Studies offers! We have lots of special opportunities in Communication Studies that you can be a part of as well! And, of course, check out how different communicative capacities yield potential professional pathways.

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Why Communication?

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For additional information regarding careers for communication studies majors, please see the National Communication Association Career Center.

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