Departmental Accomplishments


In AY 2012/2013, UNL Communication Studies Faculty published these articles:

Kellas, J., Baxter, L. A., LeClair-Underberg, C., Braithwaite, D. O, Lamb Normand , E. Routsong, T., Thatcher, M. (in press). Telling the story of stepfamily beginnings: The relationship between young-adult stepchildren’s stepfamily origin stories and their satisfaction with the stepfamily. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Braithwaite, D. O., & Schrodt, P. (2012). Communication in stepfamilies. In A. Vangelisti (Ed.), Handbook of family communication (2nd ed.) New York: Routledge.

Thompson, J., Petronio S., & Braithwaite, D. O. (2012). An examination of privacy rules for academic advisors and college student-athletes: A communication privacy management perspective. Communication Studies.

Kellas, J., & Suter, E., “Accounting for lesbian-headed families: Lesbian mothers’ responses to discursive challenges.”

Pfister, D.S. and Getachew Godana (2012). Deliberation technology. Journal of Public Deliberation 8 (1):

Soliz, J., & Koenig Kellas, J, (in press). Communicative correlates of family satisfaction. In Encylopedia of Life Satisfaction.

UNL Communications Studies Faculty published book chapters including:

Schrodt, P., & Braithwaite, D. O.  (in press). No longer understudied, but still misunderstood: Expanding communication scholarship on stepfamily relationships.” Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. In K. Floyd & M. T. Morman (Eds.), Widening the family circle:  New research on family  communication (2nd edition).

Soliz, J., & Lin, M.-C. (in press). Friends and allies: Communication in grandparent-grandchild relationships. In K. Floyd & M. Mormon (Eds.) Widening the family circle: New research on family communication (2nd edition).  Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 

Woods, C.S. (2012). (Im)mobile metaphors: Toward an intersectional rhetorical history. In Karma Chávez and Cindy Griffin (Eds.), Standing in the intersection: Feminist voices,feminist practices in Communication Studies. SUNY Press.

Top Paper Award

Metts, S., Braithwaite, D. O., Schrodt, P., Wang, T., Holman A., J, Nuru A. K., & Stephenson Abetz, J. (2013, April). An exploratory study of experience and expression of emotions of stepchildren at critical events in stepfamily life. Paper presented to the Interpersonal and Small Group Communication Division Central States Communication Association, Kansas City. *Top Paper

 UNL Communications Studies Faculty published books including:

Seiler, W. J., Beall, M. L., & Mazer, J. P.  (2014)  Communication Making Connections  (9th edition).  Boston: Pearson.   







IN AY 2012/2013, UNL Graduate Students published these papers and articles:

Burnham, J, & Ewalt, J.P. (in press). "Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the Restricted Universe of Popular Culture Production," in S. Rees ). Reading Mystery Science Theater 3000: Critical approaches. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press.

Ewalt, J.P., Ohl, J.J., & Pfister, D.S. (in press). Activism, deliberation, and networked public screens: Rhetorical scenes from the Occupy moment in Lincoln, Nebraska (Parts 1 and 2). Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies.

Ewalt, J., Ohl, J., and Pfister, D.S. (2013). Activism, deliberation, and networked public screens: Rhetorical scenes from Occupy Lincoln (Part 1 & 2). Cultural Studies <=> Critical Methodologies, 13 (3), 173-90.

Ohl, J. (2013, April). In search of “the multitude”: A bio-political alternative to McGee’s “people.” Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Central States Communication Association, Kansas City, MI. * Top Four Paper in Rhetorical Theory and Criticism Division. 

Ohl, J., & Potter, J. (in press). United we lynch: The (re)membering of racial violence in Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. Southern Journal of Communication. Scarecrow Press. 

Kranstuber Horstman, H. (2012). “Love stories aren’t always like the movies”: The positive and negative relational implications of inherited parental courtship stories. In J. Koenig Kellas (Ed.) Family storytelling: Negotiating identity, teaching lessons and making meaning. Routledge: New York, NY.

Ndiaye, K., Silk, K., Anderson, J., Hurley, A. L., Carpenter, A., Kranstuber Horstman, H., & Proulx, J. (in press). Using an ecological framework to understand parent-child communication about nutritional decision-making and behavior. Journal of Applied Communication Research.

Holman, A., & Sillars, A. (2011). Talk about “Hooking Up”: The influence of college student social networks on non-relationship sex. Health Communication, 27(2), 205-216. DOI:

UNL Graduate Students serve in leadership roles at UNL and in our professional associations, including:

Raymond Blanton, Popular Culture and Media Studies Interest Group Paper Reader, CSCA; William H. Thompson Scholar Instructor; Tutor/Mentor Nebraska Athletics.