Communication Studies Department Offices and Committees 2017-2017 Academic Year

Updated 8 26 16

Department Chair: Dawn O. Braithwaite (Five years, appointed by the Dean) (May, 2021) 

Department Governing Body: Primary decision-making body of the department, considering discussion and action items from committees and department chair. Members: All tenure-leading and professor of practice faculty (voting members). Lecturers welcome to attend (non-voting members). Two graduate student representatives (share one vote, except on personnel): Jon Carter (term expires September 30, 2016).  Jennifer Rome (term expires January 31, 2017). Grad Reps conduct elections for their replacement.

Department Governing Body Secretary: Donelle Moormeier

Executive Committee: Elected and serves as advisory to the department and Chair and serves in the role of the DGB when the body is unable to meet. Undertakes annual merit and workload review for faculty, advising the Chair. Undertakes annual review of the Chair for the Dean. Members serve three-year terms becoming chair 3rd year. Members: Kathy Krone, Chair (June 2017), Ronald Lee (June 2018), Jody Kellas (June 2019), Department Chair ex officio (Dawn O. Braithwaite)

 Personnel Committee: All tenured faculty


Director of Graduate Studies:
Jordan Soliz (3 years, elected) (May, 2017)

 Graduate Committee: Oversees and develops policy for graduate program for approval by DGB. Works with the Chair on matters related to Graduate Studies. Undertakes initiatives for graduate program and students. Undertakes graduate assessment. Coordinates colloquium, professional development seminars and convention rehearsals. Members: Jordan Soliz (Chair), Ronald Lee, Department Chair ex officio (Dawn O. Braithwaite), Director of Speech & Debate ex officio on matters related to University of Nebraska-Lincoln Speech & Debate Program (Aaron Duncan), graduate student (DGB rep serving through January) Jennifer Rome.

 Graduate Student/Recruitment Committee: Work with the Director of Graduate Studies on the Recruiting Fair for the NCA convention, for potential graduate student campus visits, and other tasks as needed.  Members: Jordan Soliz & Donelle Moormeier (Co-chairs), graduate student members (5-7):  Chase Aunspach Sarah Pettite, Toni Maisano Morgan.


Director of Undergraduate Education: Kathy Castle (3 years, elected) (May 2018)

Undergraduate Committee:  Oversees and develops policy for undergraduate program for approval by DGB. Undertakes initiatives for undergraduate program and students. Works with the Chair on matters related to undergraduate program. Undertakes undergraduate assessment. Members: Director of Graduate Education Kathy Castle (Chair), Aaron Duncan, Jody Kellas, Assistant Undergraduate Advisor Gretchen Bergquist, 1-2 additional graduate students: Chase Aunspach and Kaitlin Philips; undergraduate student: Sydney Henry.

 Undergraduate Leadership & Service Roles

Undergraduate Major Advisor:  Kathy Castle

Assistant Undergraduate Advisor & Advisor for Lambda Pi Eta and Comm Club:  Gretchen Bergquist

Undergraduate Engagement Committee:  Works with Assistant Undergraduate Advisor and Lambda Pi Eta and Comm Club on initiatives for undergraduate studentsDarcy Hahn, Jaclyn Marsh, Will Cooney, undergraduate student: _____

Director of University of Nebraska-Lincoln Speech & Debate Program:  Aaron Duncan

Assistant Director of  Speech & Debate Program and Coach: Allison Bonander

Speech & Debate Program Assistants: Adam Blood, Jon Carter, Amy Martinelli

Director of COMM 101:  Aaron Duncan

Assistant: Allison Bonander (Fall)

Director of COMM 286:  Kathy Castle

Assistant: Nicole Allen (Fall and Spring)

Speech Lab Director:  Amy Martinelli. Assistant(s): Jennifer Rome


 IRB Coordinator: Jordan Soliz 

Awards and Honors Committee: Coordinates many of the award nominations for students, faculty and staff. Helps coordinate annual departmental honors reception in Spring.  Bill Seiler (Chair), Kathy Krone, Angela Palmer-Wackerly, Kathy Castle (Director of Undergrad Education), Amanda Irions (lecturer), graduate student(s) (2-3) Katie Brockhage, Jamie Downing, Heather Voorhees, undergraduate student Jonathan Baker

Grading Appeals Committee: Receives and manages process of student grade appeals. Members: Kathy Krone (Chair), Bill Seiler, graduate student (1) Kristen Everhart; undergraduate student Randy Thomas.  In the event of a conflict of interest, the department Chair appoints a temporary replacement.

Faculty Grievance Committee: The committee has the primary responsibility of hearing grievances of members of the department. Members: Three tenured faculty members with staggered three-year terms, elected by the DGB. Chair:  Ronald Lee (2016-17), Kathy Krone (2017-18), Jody Kellas (2017-18).

Diversity Committee: Addresses issues associated with climate and needs of Communication Studies members from underrepresented groups. To bring information and issues of diversity and climate to the attention of the department and students. Department members may bring diversity-related concerns or desires for information to this committee. Members: Allison Bonander (Chair), graduate students (2-3) Ashley Garcia, Mackensie Minniear; Amanda Irions (lecturer), undergraduate student  _______.

Faculty Senate Representative: Represents department on Faculty Senate and reports back after each meeting: Ronald Lee.

Library Coordinator: Serves as liaison with University of Nebraska-Lincoln Libraries: Ronald Lee.

Media Outreach: ad hoc group working on social media communications: Dawn O Braithwaite, Jordan Soliz, Chase Anspaugh.


University of Nebraska-Lincoln Graduate Student Association (GSA): Toni Morgan, Heather Voorhees

Rhetoric Society of America (RSA) Chapter:  Jon Carter